the new BBC class calculator doesn’t get full marks from me

Have you had a play with the BBC’s new class calculator yet?

Looking at the categories, most of the Planners I’ve met would slot neatly into the Technical Middle Class box:

technical middle class bbc

But when I tried with my own data, I came out as Established Middle Class, probably because thanks to my horsey friends I could tick almost every box on the ‘do you know people who work in these jobs’ question:

established middle class bbc

So then I put my Dad’s data through it and HE came out as Technical Middle Class, even though he’s the least emerging culture, social media type person I’ve know.

In light of this, I think I can surmise that this still isn’t a perfect classification system – and I don’t think briefing a recruiter to head off into a supermarket with a clipboard to find me some Technical Middle Class mums aged 25-45 would go down that well…

One thought on “the new BBC class calculator doesn’t get full marks from me

  1. The questions are so clearly flawed, with so few options drastically swaying the results if you happen to be friends with a lorry driver or investment banker.

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