lovely ad, but will it do the job?

CSL sofas have just launched a new campaign by TBWA:

It’s beautifully shot, stands out in the category and will certainly do something for CSL’s awareness, but…

I’ve done quite a lot of work in the furniture retail sector over the last few years and I know how hard brands have to work to get their store onto a sofa shopper’s ‘to visit in person’ list.  So I’m not sure that this campaign (at least in the initial execution) says enough about why you should visit CSL in preference to any of the other three lettered sofa retailers that fill up retail parks.

Lovely ad, I’m just not sure how effective it’ll be.

3 thoughts on “lovely ad, but will it do the job?

  1. I know from a similar category that having a ‘star’ piece that looks good works, but I’m not sure if they quite get that here.
    It does suggest strongly though, that whatever you want they will have it, which sort of targets the idea that DFS is the place that will have everything.

    I’m not sure if it will work, I hope it does though.

  2. Nicely done, but I’d suggest more of a connection to sofas in the ad. I agree with Rob that it does convey that DFS has the sofas you want.

  3. Thanks for your comment Carol, but just to be clear, this particular ad is for CSL sofas, not their competitor DFS (who have run campaigns with similar messaging before) – most of the UK sofa retailers have 3 letter names, which can get very confusing for us marketing types, never mind the poor customers…

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