six degrees of mystification

I was at a New Year’s Eve party where everyone else there was either a vet or a farmer (welcome to my life).  We were playing celebrity charades and Kevin Bacon’s name came up. No-one in the room understood why in the EE ads he keeps talking about how everyone is connected – because not-one of them had ever heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

If you worked in an ad agency office, surrounded by lots of other people who can legitimately prat about on the internet and call it work and had mates who were mostly all urban, always-connected, early adopter types, it would be easy to assume that everyone would get the joke.  But my vet and farmers friends are completely mystified.

5 thoughts on “six degrees of mystification

  1. That’s interesting, because my parents both did. I’m sure it was mentioned a lot of TV as well many years ago. That said, your point is spot on.

  2. Where you have farmers and vets, I seem to have doctors . They are similarly absent from the online world and social media connectivity.

  3. I think the adverts work without knowing the about Six Degrees thing. In fact the dialogue actually sends up the connections thing (if you know about it).

    Still, the advert is aimed at the always connected, early adopter types anyway. Have you SEEN the prices!?

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