3 thoughts on “change of plan – why I WILL be renewing my APG membership

  1. For one years membership I got the book (a good read admittedly), one planning A4 sheet, and managed to get down to one free event.
    I’d like to rejoin but I can’t justify the cost right now.

    The London thing is frustrating too. Makes it look like they don’t even care about non-London UK members.

  2. Hey! I think that’s true. On one hand you could give them a hand with ‘why subscribe’. Why have an individual membership in an agency outside of London. Memberships are usually shared in offices, ie. one head of planning is subscribed and the books are common resource.

    Take their point about being a small organisation, but frankly they provide badges for course attendees, even if they may be included in the extra charge (£800+ for tickets). They could provide some affiliation badge without ramping the cost as it could pay up.

    Third, maybe they could strike a deal with a place down in London for ‘preferential rates’ for those coming down for events. Even a 10% off overnight accommodation could make an image difference, even if no one ends up using it. The idea that ‘hey, they DO that kind of thing, that’s nice’.

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