who’s that very thin not-quite A-lister, Topshop?

I’m not very impressed by Topshop’s Christmas brand film, launched today.  They ran a load of teaser films online last week, along with the hashtag #whosthatgirl?, asking everyone to guess who the ‘Hollywood A-list star’ in their film was.

The full film was launched today.  The Big Star is Kate Bosworth – who I’ve heard of, but had to check imdb to see what she’s been in.  Even for Topshop’s core audience calling her ‘A-List’ is a bit of a stretch.

But I could happily live with the film (visually it’s rather nice and fuzzy and festive) except for two things – firstly she’s not what you’d call a song bird (to my ears there’s quite a few duff notes in there) and she’s sparrow thin.  If you start searching for ‘Kate Bosworth t…’ google suggests ‘Kate Bosworth thin’ rather than ‘Kate Bosworth topshop’.  I don’t think that someone who is apparently a size zero looks very Christmassy.  She certainly doesn’t look like she’s about to happily tuck into a few mince pies and the sleeves on her ‘red carpet custom made dress’ are still too big for her.

I’d have cast Kristen Stewart (if the budget would stretch) as her red carpet style is a great fit with Topshop, or perhaps Zooey Deschanel for a slightly more budget friendly alternative.  Anyone else want to play Fantasy Festive Ad Casting?

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