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obligatory festive post

As of tomorrow, this blog is six years old.  Thanks again for reading, commenting and sharing.  Here’s my Client Christmas Card for this year, see you in 2013. cartoon by (and licensed from) Megan Hills at

change of plan – why I WILL be renewing my APG membership

The post below set off a chain of events that happily resulted in the APG making a commitment to reach out to Planners Outside London and tailor their offering for them.  I’m thrilled…and seem to have been roped into making it happen.  All is explained here, if you’re a Planner Outside London, please get in […]
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is the answer to Shopping Hell that we need to be nicer to each other?

I’ve been thinking A LOT about the retail shopping experience recently.  Partly because I’ve got relevant projects on the go or in the works and partly because I’ve been ‘impulse storing’ – which I’ve just invented to describe popping into a store on impulse to try and knock some items off the worrying large festive […]
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who’s that very thin not-quite A-lister, Topshop?

I’m not very impressed by Topshop’s Christmas brand film, launched today.  They ran a load of teaser films online last week, along with the hashtag #whosthatgirl?, asking everyone to guess who the ‘Hollywood A-list star’ in their film was. The full film was launched today.  The Big Star is Kate Bosworth – who I’ve heard […]
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