damn you, shoddy spontaneous awareness

(title nicked from a tweet on the subject from @sweenagekicks )

audi cat

Nice outdoor ad, right? The problem is that when I’d driven past it a few times and sat down to blog about it, I realised that I wasn’t sure which car brand it was actually for…it felt like it should be Jaguar, but nothing popped up on google or creativeclub so I had to ask twitter.  Who also didn’t know.  In the end it was bugging me so much I was about to drive ten minutes out of my way to check it out and get a photo when @johnallenuk found it on the Audi website.

I’m actually target market for this ad – my Dad is car hunting at the moment to replace his BMW and as my family’s designated Queen of the Internet I’m in charge of desk research.  But to be honest I’m a bit fuzzy (due to disinterest) about anything technical that’s engine related and am more interested in what this means in terms of how it compares to a 3ltr Beemer for speed, power and mpg.  I think in this case Audi mean fast (but thirsty) when you need it and slower (but more economical) when you don’t, but I haven’t watched enough Top Gear to be sure.

And anyway, if it wasn’t for John, I’d be sending my Dad off to the Jaguar dealership to find out.

One thought on “damn you, shoddy spontaneous awareness

  1. Watching Top Gear won’t inform you about cars. It’s a comedy show, with Clarkson and two straight men, which occasionally touches on cars.

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