the game’s tie-ins, profitable tie-ins

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new Bond film out next month – Skyfall.  I think it’s fairly unlikely that you’ll have missed out on this news as the film’s producers have cunningly got the brands they work in ‘partnership’ with to do their marketing campaign for them:

Heineken replaces the vodka martini (yes, even sometimes in the film itself)                (or view it here)

Visit Britain have gone for cinema ads, press and outdoor, although seeing as it’s targeted at The Rest of the World we Brits might not see much of it – the cinema ad can be found here

Coke go for the ooops-we-have-nothing-in-common-with-Bond panic theme tune approach (or view it here)

you can see the Omega team’s problem here – 5secs of screen time featuring the product, but 30secs of ad to fill…  (or view it here)

At least the efforts above are all slightly better than this spectacularly clunky bit of Omega product placement in Casino Royale:

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