do we care about our clients enough?

My elderly Dad has been in and out of hospital a lot recently (long story, he’s doing better now thanks).  It’s a small local hospital and the staff are all nothing less than amazing.

Not just amazing on the nursing/cleaning/admin-ing front, they are all lovely people who take the time to chat and connect with him and will bend over backwards to help him out (can you tell it’s a private hospital and not the sadly time strapped and cash starved NHS?).

He’s in there twice a day for drug treatments at the moment and it’s clear to me that he’s made to feel like the most important, most welcome person in the building every time he walks (on two sticks) through the door.

Agency staff and freelancers – could you say that about your clients?

Do you know what they prefer to drink at different times of the day?  Do you know where they’re going after they leave your meeting and therefore how much of a hurry they’re in?  Do you drop everything when they arrive for a meeting to get them comfortably settled?  Could you instantly recall what happened in your last four get-togethers?  Do you know what the next big challenge on their horizon is and how apprehensive they are about it? Do you pop in to say Hello when they’re in the building even if they haven’t come to see you?

No?  Perhaps you need to collar someone who works here and ask them how to find out.

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