101 uses for our brand

Judging by this ad (in Asda’s customer magazine), Kleenex would like you to use their tissues for all your disposable-wiping-of-stuff needs.  When you’ve spilt some chutney at a bbq, you no longer need to reach for a sheet of kitchen towel as a mansize tissue will do the job.

I’m all for brands trying to increase their usage occasions, but this does seem to be stretching it a bit.  I suspect they were inspired by the ‘recipe ideas’ section of food brand websites that always seem to have come up with, shall we say, unexpected ways to incorporate their product into meals.  All-Bran lasagne anyone?

Kleenex’s parent company Kimberly-Clark actually have several kitchen towel brands in their portfolio (although non currently on shelf in the UK as far as I can tell) so I can’t imagine this ‘new usage’ campaign is a strategic shift…unless we can expect to see Kleenex branded kitchen towels on shelf soon?

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