2 thoughts on “has Planning got too pretentious?

  1. We’re supposed to be able to improve the way we talk to people. We are not academics. Of course it’s good to get a wide range of reading and skills, but the more we try and make ourselves in academic smart-arses the further we will take ourselves from the people we are trying to reach.

    We need to be smart, but brief and insightful. So while the principles discussed here might be sound, we have to phrase them like planners, not like Fortune 500 companies writing press releases.

  2. I would argue that the problem with many Planners (of which I am) is the general pretentious behvaior. At least from my experience with planners I know here in the US, many view themselves as bon vivants versus business partners, then wonder why clients don’t see their value. Many truly like to hear themselves speak, versus figure out how they can help. My last manager (Head of “Planning and Perspectives” would spout his perspective for 25 minutes, then never actually deliver a solution…

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