Ta Dah! Finally, a feel-good cosmetics campaign

Ladies, can I have a big cheer please for Boots No7.  Their Ta Dah! campaign (by Mother, which has been running since last August) makes me very happy because they haven’t used airbrushing,  models with lash extensions or models who have had cosmetic surgery.

But not only that – the campaign implies that their products make you look like the best version of you, rather than the usual “buy this or no-one will shag you” (thank you, Eddie Izzard) messaging cosmetic companies usually resort to.

I suppose ‘Ta Dah!’ is the cosmetics equivalent of shampoo’s ‘Good Hair Day’.  I can totally identify with the (sadly infrequent) moment when you’ve done the usual ‘throw makeup in general direction of face while running late’ thing, then look in the mirror and think “I appear to look like a better version of me!” and bounce off to your evening out full of confidence.

It sounds like that’s what the brand intended to get across.  I’m not quite so keen on the TV for their anti-aging cream (again from last year but I’ve only just seen it) which, inevitably, has to focus on the product’s looking-younger properties, but at least it’s still pretty down to earth.

Here’s the rest of the campaign I’ve been able to dig up:

this image came from here

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