an example of quality not quantity when it comes to sampling activity

I stumbled across two big pieces of promotional activity going on in Leeds yesterday:

The gist of this first lot of activity seemed to be, ‘Put Pork on your Fork!  Bacon sandwiches are delicious!  Eating lower salt ones means you can eat them more often!  Here, have a hot bacon butty, the ketchup’s over there.’ (his hair isn’t blue by the way, it’s a hairnet)

The Bacon Bus has done a day each in London, Manchester and Leeds as this is Salt Awareness Week (no, me neither).  The sampling team were friendly and engaging and by lunchtime the queue for a mini butty was 20 deep and the enticing smell of bacon was wafting through Briggate.

In contrast, I walked past the Mint Aero Bubbly team several times over the course of a couple of hours and the nearest they got to engaging anyone was breaking off from chatting among themselves to thrust chocolate at confused shoppers.  While I wouldn’t want to be dressed up as a green bubble on a hot day it still wasn’t very impressive.

‘erm…free green Aero Bubblys, anyone?’

According to facebook Aero teams were handing out 125,000 free samples across the country this week, but I know which team will have had the biggest impact per sample.

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