2 thoughts on “have Weightwatchers made a big fat mistake?

  1. Interesting idea in the US ones. But do before/after pictures really work? I thought that’s what the UK ad was trying to get away from.

    I do agree that Alesha Dixon seems a strange choice though.

  2. I’m really confused by that “play WeightWatchers” call to action. Which of WW’s potential customers feel like they want to play at dieting?

    I liked last year’s campaign, which featured “decide to lose weight for the last time” as its tagline. Positive, decisive and final, but I should imagine they can’t go with that two years running, can they?! “Decide to come back again for absolutely the last time, this time…”

    Maybe they should try “until next time?!”

    And finally, is it absolutely necessary for dieters on ads to *strut* everywhere with their heads in the air? If people actually did that, they’d keep hitting their knees on low obstacles…

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