xmas ads – Christmas Crackers and Festive Flops

There are some great Christmas ads already airing…and some not so great ones too.

Boots has continued the Here Come the Girls theme with a crack team of women getting Christmas sorted while everyone else is asleep.  It’s engaging, funny, on brand and totally relatable.  It also stands up to repeated viewing, which is a good job since it has been on air for several weeks already:

John Lewis has done it again with their ‘thoughtful kid’ ad, that judging by twitter seems to have reduced most Mums to tears on first viewing.  I’m not sure how this one will stand up to weeks of airing though:

Waitrose’s School of Christmas Magic is great too – another double hander from Delia and Heston but interestingly focusing on semi-scratch solutions to Christmas catering:

There are, however, a few less impressive festive ads out there as well.

Argos use blue aliens to demonstrate why you should avoid stressmas shopping and ‘check and reserve online’ all your gifts and then pop down to Argos to pick them up.  I’m not sure that slagging off high street shopping then suggesting you would be better off doing all your shopping by reserving online then shelpping down to the Argos store to pick it all up is actually a winning strategy:

I found the Argos ‘making of’ ad on youtube (why do so many brands feel the need to add a Making Of ad as if they’ve just made a major movie, complete with director, cast and client interviews?) and the client talks of how the campaign is brave, bold, arresting and “really bringing to life the dichotomy of the high street at Christmas”.  I think you might be overthinking it a bit love – and that’s coming from a Planner…

I posted about the Littlewoods Christmas ad the other week (it seems to be to be rather heavily inspired by a scene in Love Actually), but even after having viewed the ad several times and written about it, talking to an agency bod this week I merrily misattributed the ad to Argos, which doesn’t say much for its memorability.  I’m also not sure in Austerity Britain that ‘make your family happy by buying them lots of stuff’ is the way to go:

So some Christmas Crackers and a few Festive Flops.  Let’s see what the next four weeks brings.

PS I know I haven’t mentioned the M&S X Factor ad, but I think it deserves a whole post to itself…

2 thoughts on “xmas ads – Christmas Crackers and Festive Flops

  1. Good choices! Although I did find myself wondering if the John Lewis advert was an NSPCC ad the first time I saw it as the boy looked so sad. On second viewing I found myself wondering what the present was and who had helped him buy & wrap it up (am I taking it all just a bit too literally do you think??) I think it will endure because of the great sound track.

    The Littlewood ads I don’t like at all. As a mum I really don’t want to be ‘wicked’…but perhaps that’s just me.

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