inspiration or plagiarism?

Thanks to the lovely t’interweb, I probably see cool viral-type stuff around the same time that Creatives are, erm, inspired by it.

So when an ad pops up a few months later that causes déjà vu I only have to think back to what I was enjoying on youtube to get an idea of where the inspiration (or sometimes, let’s be honest, plagiarism) might have come from.

The most well-known and probably worst offender is Berocca :

which even the agency admit was inspired by OK Go’s video for Here It Goes Again:

This Nutella ad (and variations on it) has been around for quite a while:

but the other day the penny dropped.  It’s really quite similar in terms of direction (start at 50 secs in to get an idea) to this video by Japanese band Sour for their track “Hibi no Neiro” (Tone of everyday) that went viral last year:

Has anyone else got good examples of ads that took a bit too much inspiration from youtube?

update, 14/11/11 – I’ve thought of another one…

The new Littlewoods Christmas ad:

rather reminds me of this scene from Love Actually (pics only I’m afraid, I can’t find a vid with both the comedy nativity and the lads dancing that followed it in):

OK, so it’s not an actual viral, but it’s also not the first ad to be ‘inspired’ by Love Actually either.


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