the *other* facebook marketplace

My facebook newsfeed has recently turned into a virtual version of exchange & mart (or even, say, ebay).

It seems that some people are more comfortable buying and selling with friends-of-friends than from random strangers who have positive feedback from other random people (cough, ebay).  So my network are merrily flogging second hand cars and horse rugs (hundreds of rugs, the local riding club fb wall looks like Rugs R Us at the moment).

pic from here (randomly, just as I found this image I got a text from a mate inviting me on a trip to this very shop)

I suppose it’s an organic development of the whole social shopping thing, but these people aren’t doing it via facebook marketplace.  They’re selling only to their network (with face to face payment and delivery) and in doing so are effectively trading outside the system.

I checked and there isn’t a single horse rug for sale on fb marketplace within 10 miles of me.  Just sayin…

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