the sun has got his hat on – but snow is on the way

We’re enjoying some unseasonable weather here in the UK, with temperatures that would be impressive for high Summer, let alone mid Autumn.

This heatwave has been unexpected and we all know it can’t last – so as a nation we seem determined to make the most of it.  Asda is reporting record sales of burgers (although since it gets dark at 7pm the BBQing might have to be done by torchlight) and sundresses and shorts have been dragged out of the back of wardrobes for a final airing this year.  Parks and other public spaces are teeming with people enjoying themselves with the determination of someone who has looked at the calendar and knows that the sunshine can’t last.

Brighton Beach today, pic from The Guardian

Yes, at heart we Brits are a pessimistic lot, perhaps best illustrated by the fact that last Thursday as temperatures topped 25C/77F, Asda sold 147 snow shovels.  This isn’t as barmy as it sounds – the first snowfall is predicted within the month

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