innovation and insight in perfume sample packaging

A sample of Thierry Mugler’s perfume Womanity fell out of this month’s Glamour magazine (don’t judge me, it’s buy that or sit in the hairdressers reading three month old copies of Hello!).

I’ve never seen a perfume sample packaged like this before and a quick google only reveals examples of it used over the last six months or so.  But it’s a genius idea.  Here’s why:

Encased in good quality coated card, the sample feels and looks classier than your average rip-the-foil-bit-off-the-ad-and-get-perfume-all-over-your-fingers or strip-of-glittery-power-that-smells-of-glue sample.

You pull the top tab and not only does the card start to look like a perfume bottle (with handy visual cues so you’ll recognise it on shelf in the shop or online), but the bottom simultaneously pops out and you have a fully functioning perfume spray bottle ready to go.

Just squeeze the middle and the perfume comes out of a spray hole in the top.  And there’s enough in there for several applications.

Like I said, genius.  They’ve given me a fully functioning, stands-up-on-the-dresisng -table bottle of their perfume which I can apply in to wherever I’d normally wear it and in the quantities I’d normally use – so I’ll know I’m getting an accurate reflection of how it smells and lasts.  And I can have a couple of gos, i.e. just enough to possibly get hooked on the stuff.

This seems to me to be a massive improvment on smudging neat perfume from a magazine page onto your wrists.

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