design fans should check out the Midland Hotel

I stayed at an amazing hotel last week – in Morecambe.  The two concepts don’t sit terribly well together, unless you’ve already heard of what developers Urban Splash did to the Midland Hotel to bring it back to its former Art Deco glory and how it sits at the heart of the regeneration plans for the seaside resort.

this pic and bar pic below from here

The hotel exterior and interiors are pretty impressive:

pic by PaulRobertLloyd on flickr, cc applies

pic from here

Even more amazing is what nature has thrown in for free – from the glass wall of the hotel’s restaurant overlooking the beach you can see across Morecambe Bay all the way to the Lake District.  Dining there watching the sun set on a beautiful clear evening was pretty incredible:

Believe me, you don’t visit the Midland for brilliant service (most of the staff seem to have missed out on basic training like how to clear a table and why it’s a good idea not to shut lift doors on guests arms), but if you’re an Art Deco fan (or just into design generally), it’s really worth a visit.

One thought on “design fans should check out the Midland Hotel

  1. Love Art Deco, so this would definately be up my street.
    Hope you did your bit on tripadvisor :-)

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