9 thoughts on “Planner teach thyself

  1. Do you reckon there’s an idea here for like a “Planning Timebank” where one person donates one hour and gets one back, regardless of age, experience etc?

    ie. You donate someone an hour of moderating skills, and you claim back an hour of Rory Sutherland’s time to learn about Behavoural Economics?

  2. Read Nudge for Behavioural Economics. Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy) has also spoken and publish some stuff. I was at Marketing Week Live last week, and both him, a lady for COI and Wendy Gorden delivered some interesting talks on the matter.

    AQR tends to have papers non-members can access, which is useful to keep up to date with new techniques and theories.

    LinkedIn have useful groups in both areas.

  3. All the above sounds great. I have a riduculous amount of books I’m happy to share.
    Have a look at Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and it’s follow up, plus his blog and also his column in Wired.
    It’s worth having a look at Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert…it’s really about how and why people make decisions
    By the way, thanks for the head up on that organisation. They’re really desperate, so they actually got it contact.

  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve sent the blue doorstop academic book back to Amazon (I couldn’t get past page 4) and ordered Nudge and Predictably Irrational to replace it.

    Andrew – perhaps we should have a Book Swap at the next SupNorth?

  5. I’ve got a good moderation skills one called ‘Moderating to the Max’ that I’d reccomend – did some MRS training with it earlier in the year and it’s well worth a peak – not least becasue it’s full of ways to get consumers to view creative stuff in a more constructive way in qual groups

    p..s. I second Rob’s idea of a planning book bank :)

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