Bettakulcha 8

The eighth Bettakultcha was held in Leeds tonight.  One tweet called it a middle class variety show, which actually sums it up rather nicely. You could also say it’s a bit like Interesting, but an evening ‘do with more beer and less geekery.

I had one of the 5 minutes / 20 slides / 15 seconds per slide speaking slots and chose to talk about why I love lists.  So here’s a list of Five Things I learnt at Bettakulcha VIII:

– Iceland is possibly the most female-friendly country in the world
– suffering from Cystic Fibrosis can be like trying to breathe through a straw
– the plot of Star Wars would work really well as a Mills and Boon novel
– Leeds is better than Manchester
– Kim Jong Il did not invent the hamburger, despite what the entire population of North Korea may have been led to believe

held at the lovely Corn Exchange in Leeds

One thought on “Bettakulcha 8

  1. Sounds really interesting, Gemma! I keep meaning to head over to one of these but never make it. Next time! Hope all’s well with you.

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