When Inserts become Binserts

My Dad’s subscription copy of The Dalesman arrived on Saturday (circulation 36,428) .  It’s one of those magazines where you can pretty much guarantee that the majority of readers are over 50, like things like nice country drives that end up at nice pubs and think that everything was much better before this internet lark came along and speeded the world up.

So advertising wise, it’s a pretty handy publication if you need to flog stuff like holiday cottages, stairlifts, pubs that do good food and gardening gadgets.  But the ad team at Dalesman seem to have also enthusiastically embraced the Insert.  In fact this month’s pile of inserts were technically some kind of Outserts as they were bigger (volume wise) than the magazine itself and just popped in the same plastic mailing bag:

I can’t imagine that any of the advertisers above (or their agencies) had this in mind when they signed up.  It makes it very easy for readers to pick up all those leaflets and minimags and chuck the lot straight in the bin without even seeing what’s in the middle of the pile.  Meaning you’d miss out such delights as a device to safely remove earwax and an extra-small garden tiller…

3 thoughts on “When Inserts become Binserts

  1. Even worse is when they carefully put all the inserts into one tidy sealed plastic bag – making it even easier for people to throw everything away without any risk that they might fall out. Really not what the client signed up for!

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