simplifying the Agency Process Chart

In almost every agency credentials meeting I’ve ever been in a Process chart has been pulled out.  You know, the ‘our unique approach to reaching marketing solutions’ chart that renames every process, procedure and department to bring it all in line with the particular agency’s positioning.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from flow charts, road maps and triangles to butterflies and I even once saw an agency Process visualised in cartoon form as a bunch of agency types hanging off a motorbike, display team style.

Some clients seem to like buying a Process, rather than just a team of talented and experienced people.  I suppose it’s something they can use to help justify why they chose Agency X instead of Agency Y and something has to justify all those agency fees after all.

But it strikes me that every single agency process chart ever could be summarised into three simple steps:

If you really want, you could add a feedback loop in, or make the whole thing a continuous circle, but I think perhaps it’s time agencies spent more time talking about effectiveness and less on window dressing.

3 thoughts on “simplifying the Agency Process Chart

  1. Hurrah! I agree!

    And have you noticed how every single one is ever so slightly different – but still essentially saying exactly the same thing. Testing the thesaurus to the limits!

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