Tell, don’t yell

Since I’m not in the market for a new bed, sofa or kitchen, 90% of the ads currently on TV are of no relevance to me.  But with a few notable exceptions, they all wind me up.  No-one seems to have told these advertisers that it’s not the 1950’s anymore and ending your sale ad with lurid graphics and the shouted instruction to ‘hurry’ or ‘visit now’ isn’t necessarily going to have them flocking to your store.

I think this is possibly the worst offender I’ve seen so far:

Don’t Miss The Sale That Ticks The Right Boxes, On Right Now

I’ve done a far bit of research recently with bed buyers and the one thing that kept coming out was that brands should use TV to “tell not yell”.  Yes, TV is a great medium for getting share of voice and using deals as a taster to entice people into your store.  But they don’t want it ramming down their throats and they’re not stupid.

2 thoughts on “Tell, don’t yell

  1. That SCS ad is bloody awful.

    I personally think the stuff we do for Magnet is much better than this kind of thing, hope you also think so!!

    Tell don’t yell is spot on.

  2. Agree. This type of advertising will cause consumers to yell at the company. They don’t want to be told what to do anymore; they want to tell the company what they think.

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