preparedness goes digital but Domestic Goddesses still rule

I’ve been thinking a bit about Preparedness.  Or, to be honest, unpreparedness.  There are all sorts of services springing up for anyone not blessed with the organisational / forward planning gene.

Take this funny (but also very sweary) website, which points out that if you didn’t get organised and buy essential snow supplies like grit and a snow shovel, they’ll all be sold out now.  So enter your details and the site will email you on June 15th 2011 to remind you to buy them well in advance of next year’s cold snap.

There are also all sorts of tech-tastic iphone apps that promise to streamline and simplify your life.  Not forgetting everyone’s new favourite file sharing site dropbox and reminder websites like Memo to Me.

Of course, there’s a whole publishing industry based on helping people prepare for Major Life Events like getting married or having a baby.  And there are also the more day-to-day domestic goddess titles like Good Housekeeping and the entire Martha Stewart empire.

But I can’t think of any Domestic God resources for blokes.  I’m imagining magazines with articles like Self Assembly Furniture – the tools you really need, Batteries – stock up before Christmas and Spring Cleaning Your Man Draw

Have I spotted a gap in the market?  Or is the average male as likely to read these as ask for directions when they’re lost?

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