please tell Karen Brady I am so much more than just a So What

I lost it a bit in the hairdressers this morning.  Not because my hair colour was wrong, but because of the magazine I was reading.  I waved the November issue of Woman & Home around (there’s a fairly limited selection of reading material at my local salon) and told anyone who would listen that if I ever got hold of their columnist Karen Brady (offof The Apprentice), we were going to have WORDS.

This is not like me.  But it’s not often that I read a magazine column where the author’s friend is quoted as asserting that she shouldn’t compare her own beauty to that of Jennifer Aniston because Jennifer has neither a husband nor children and therefore hasn’t lived – “I accept she has got good hair, but SO WHAT!”.

I do appreciate that I’m not exactly Woman & Home’s core target audience, but as someone who is single and unlikely to have children, I rather object to being written off as a SO WHAT.

Perhaps we need to remember that while celebrating the achievements of one group of people, it’s easy to pour scorn on the efforts of another in the process.

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