memo to Andrex: real life = more appealing than CGI

Andrex have replaced their real life puppy with a CGI one, courtesy of JWT London.  And judging by the result, I’m struggling to imagine why they thought this was a good idea.

Obviously there’s the public’s new found concern for the health and wellbeing of any dog in a TV ad to consider, but beyond that they seem to have swapped an endearing cute ickle soft and cuddly baby puppy dog for an anthropomorphised pup that is not only no longer cute but so grown up he has a live in girlfriend.

I’m sure the brief batted on about demonstrating how little luxuries and thoughtful gestures (like buying nice and soft Andrex) make your loved ones feel loved.  I just think that there must have been a more endearing creative solution than hauling out the nearest supercomputer.

This very old Andrex ad is cute and weather-appropriate if nothing else:

And I rather like this 2008 JWT ad for Andrex too (sorry, can’t embed).

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