T Mobile at Heathrow – sharing yet another flashmob

Although Event TV (with the exception of X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent et al) may be on the way out, Event Advertising still seems to be holding its own.

This Friday evening sees the launch of T-Mobile’s latest Life’s for Sharing guerrilla ad (UPDATE – you can watch it here), which will air as an extended 3 minute version simultaneously across over 80 digital and terrestrial commercial TV channels, as well as on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

They’ve been filming at Heathrow today with a flashmob of over 600 people and a kind of Welcome Home angle to the whole thing.

Although I’m looking forward to viewing the ad, I just wonder if the whole flashmob thing is running out of steam a bit.  E4 certainly think it has jumped the shark and I’m also wondering whether using Heathrow as a location was influenced by either of these:

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