PCWorld and Currys meets Star Wars – I want to love it, but I don’t, quite

I was rather looking forward to seeing the new PCWorld-meets-Star Wars ad.

Since I don’t do X-Factor (where it first aired on Saturday night), I tracked down the director’s cut on youtube:

I think I was expecting something with a little more upfront warmth and humour and less shots of endless rows of product. 

The ad really seems to split into two parts, the first 25 secs feels like the stuff the client insisted went in – the exterior store shot (brand recognition!), the bank of flatscreen TVs (product breadth and depth!) and so on, while the engaging creative stuff that is going to make people connect with the brand takes up the second half.

Perhaps the 30 second edit will keep my favourite bits like R2D2 meeting a pink Henry vac and shooting-the-shoot-em-up-game and have less of the kind of store shots that feel like they were shoehorned in at the client’s request.

At least it isn’t a premature Christmas ad.

3 thoughts on “PCWorld and Currys meets Star Wars – I want to love it, but I don’t, quite

  1. did anyone else notice the hands on the left of the screen when the small vacuum is with C3PO??

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