Johnnie Boden – are you being unfaithful?

I’ve been a Boden customer for a several years and I’ve posted before about how they tend to flash their 15% off offer at just about everyone except their loyal customers.  So I was quite pleased to get a catalogue through in the post offering the Boden shopper holy grail that is 15%-off-with-free-delivery-and-free-returns.

It even came with cute cover that charted my ‘break up’ with Johnnie Boden and asked me to log on and declare whether I loved him or loved him not.

However all this was slightly undermined when my sister’s catalogue arrived on her doormat.  Personalised.

Suddenly my mailer didn’t seem quite so special.  I suppose we marketing types sending out DM have to remember to see our mailing lists not as individuals, but as members of networks.  Or, in simpler terms – women talk.

2 thoughts on “Johnnie Boden – are you being unfaithful?

  1. Maybe Boden should stop wasting money on stupid catalouge gimmicks and put it towards discount for loyal customer’s how many catalouges do you recieve in a season I have had loads and would much rather have a better discount.

    Also another gripe is anything nice selll out so qiuckly why do’nt they order in more when they see a popular product selling???

  2. Maybe Boden should do two Big things:
    1. Stop sending out so many catalogues – They waste so many of OUR resources trying to sell us stuff.
    2. The offer thing has to stop. We all know it’s not an offer, more a hook to get us to spend money. They should set their prices and stick to that one price. Don’t take advantage of us housewives Johnny Boden.

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