Beauty isn’t just about rolling back the wrinkles

The beauty industry seems to be to be hell-bent on encouraging women to turn back the clock, whether it’s via botox, facials or miracle anti wrinkle creams.

aging clock skincare


But to be honest, I just want to look good for my age.

When I talk to friends my age about beauty and body image we all wish that someone had given us a real talking to at age eighteen and pointed out that looks-wise, this was as good as it was going to get.  If I could go back to being eighteen again I’d wear mini skirts and no makeup every day – just because I could get away with it.

Back to the present day and I’m more interested in making the most of what I’ve got.  This is on the basis that beauty-wise, its downhill from here on in.

But a stroll down the skincare aisle doesn’t seem to cater for me.  Anti wrinkle creams seem a bit full on when I haven’t got wrinkles yet – I’m still looking for a decent face cream that focuses on its ability to maintain and protect (rather than de-wrinkle) your skin.

Since I don’t smoke, keep out of the sun and get loads of sleep I’m hoping I’ll still be looking fairly fresh faced at 40, but I can’t help thinking that there must be lots of 30somethings out there like me who just want a little help to hang on to what they’ve still got.

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