Creative Spaces

I popped into an Art Director friend’s agency leaving do last night and the conversation came round to the Perfect Creative Department Office Layout.  The consensus of opinion was that the Perfect Creative Department would comprise:

– a main open plan area with hot desking style desks (with no dividers!) close together, music going, lots of inspiring stuff on the walls, people gathering round to look at stuff on macs, generally noisy with lots of banter

– quiet rooms for either just sitting and letting your brain slip into neutral for ten minutes or for when you really need to get your head down and work uninterrupted

– war rooms for pitches and big campaigns (comfy seats, room to work, scamps up on the walls) so the whole pitch team have ownership of the work and everyone can contribute and have a place to congregate

– everyone would have a locker on wheels for all their personal stuff which would be wheeled to wherever they chose to work

– A3 colour flatbed scanners (scan everything and you don’t need to keep the originals so less clutter), colour printers etc sprinkled about with a liberal hand

Have they missed anything?

One thought on “Creative Spaces

  1. Haha, wheeled locker is a great idea! Only problem is, which music is everybody going to agree on in the open plan area?

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