Dear Quantas: I think you might need a new ad agency

Yesterday’s Sunday Times magazine carried the Quantas ad below (click to enlarge):

quantas travolta

Yes, someone, somewhere did think that the line “there’s nothing like flying to Australia on the Quantas A380” was going to pull the punters in.

Oh, wait.  It was a quote from John Travolta, their Goodwill Ambassador.  And look!  There’s a picture of him and his signature and everything.  So we have to assume the agency and/or the client thought it was OK to send to print an ad that reads like a press release, accompanied by some dodgy stock shots of the plane’s interior and a celeb in a pilot’s uniform that doesn’t even fit him.

I’ve waved off to print some less-than-perfect ads in my time, but this one feels like it was bodged together in artwork at 5pm on a Friday, without input from Planning, Creative or possibly even Account Handling…

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