It might be Glamour-central in Manchester, but I live in Leeds

So there I was looking at the magazine rack in the Co-op today.  I reached for Glamour…and then changed my mind.

This was the cover:

A special regional edition for Manchester.  Which apparently sits alongside versions for Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Bristol, London, Newcastle and Birmingham this month.  Except I live in Leeds (and only really make it over the Pennines to Manchester for the SupNorth meetings a couple of times a year).  So a magazine packed with insider info on where to eat, drink and shop in Manchester is just a waste of paper from my point of view.

I wonder if the female residents of Hull, Plymouth, Peterborough, Sheffield, Leicester and so on feel the same way?  I’d love to see this issue’s circulation figures.

2 thoughts on “It might be Glamour-central in Manchester, but I live in Leeds

  1. My thoughts exactly, I wondered why they couldn’t do proper regions. If they lump the whole of NI, Wales and Scotland together then why not the East Midlands etc. Its stopped me buying a copy this month.

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