treading lightly in the marketing mix

I’ve just got back from a lovely few days on Yorkshire’s East Coast.  We finished up in Scarborough yesterday, where they were busy creating a can you tell what it is yet? type shape on the beach. By early afternoon we decided it was a footprint, but no-one would tell us why it was there

This morning’s Yorkshire Post held the answer – it was promoting – a new site that helps you save your family’s life story online. 

Since the visitors to Scarborough yesterday were mostly grandparents and young families, wouldn’t it have been sensible to pop a big banner up alongside the sand art to plug the website?  How about a promotional team armed with leaflets too?  A little stand with laptops so you could see how the site worked and sign up?  Ok, I’m getting carried away now, but I think as an industry we sometimes separate out PR and promotional activity when they could be achieved with the same mechanic.

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