Does the RT think Amy shifts more mags than the 11th Doctor?

I’ve had a bit of a downer on Matt Smith, ever since he was announced as the 11th Dr Who.  I now can’t actually watch the programme as I end up shouting at the TV and getting all annoyed (I don’t think the scripts are as good without a Russell T Davies ‘polish’ either, but there you go).

Aaaaanyway, I noticed that last week’s Radio Times had their interview with actress Karen Gillan (who plays the Doctor’s assistant Amy Pond) as their cover story with Matt Smith relegated to the background:

This week, it was Matt Smith’s turn to be interviewed – and the RT led with the boys from Top Gear:

Sadly, no-one at the Radio Times noticed that the actual Top Gear feature was either shot at a really weird angle or a Photoshop Disaster:

Judging by the five covers the magazine ran with David Tennant as cover star in just 12 months, I can’t imagine them turning down a cover opportunity for the 10th Doctor.  It seems that perhaps the Doctor’s assistant has eclipsed him on the ability-to-shift-magazines front – I certainly get a lot more traffic to this blog for searches for Amy Pond than for Matt Smith.

David Tennant’s Converse were always going to be big shoes to fill, but it looks like Amy/Karen has worn them in nicely.

3 thoughts on “Does the RT think Amy shifts more mags than the 11th Doctor?

  1. You are missing out.
    I have enjoyed this series far more than the last two, and Matt Smith is actually very very good. The new series is wittier, less cheesy, and so much better than I expected.

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