Front of House (or Farm)

I’ve had some uni friends and their toddler staying for the weekend so we headed out to the local farm park today.  It was excellent – lots for little ones to see and do and the sun shone.

What I really noticed at the farm was how professional everything was.  The staff were uniformed, name badged, helpful, knowledgeable, smiley and proactive.  The place was immaculate, the signage clear and on brand and the toilets spotless.  The boss (Farmer James) was clearly visible dashing around – making sure all of his staff were doing what they were supposed to be doing, jollying along the birthday party that was taking place and making sure that everyone washed their hands.

Can the average agency measure up to that first impression?  Helpful, smiley front line staff?  Immaculate workplace with spotless loos?  Consistent branding and clear signage?  Boss visible and leading by example?

We’re supposed to be a communications industry, but it must be a bit desperate when we get outclassed on first impressions by a farm…

Farmer James! – any volunteers to stick him in a suit and let him loose on an agency?

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