Bikini bodies come at a price I’m not willing to pay

Regular readers will know that I have a real problem with how the media seems to believe women’s bodies should look (for details see here, here and here).

The cover story in this week’s issue of Grazia magazine explains how you too could have the perfect bikini body of  41 year old Jennifer Aniston. 

It turns out that its simple – you just spend 90 minutes every single day working out with your personal trainer and never allow sugar, saturated fats, bread, pasta, processed foods or alcohol to pass your lips.

That’s no life.  But reading about it made me feel a whole lot better about myself.  I’ll stick with my imperfect diet and imperfect body and spend ten hours a week at the stables instead of the gym, thanks all the same.

Anyone with a brand targeted at women that wants to be the next Dove, give me a shout.  And in the meantime, pass me that bar of chocolate.

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