London 2012 Olympic mascots

 So the London 2012 Olympic mascots were unveiled yesterday to, it has to be said, a less than entirely enthusiastic worldwide reception.

My personal issue is that (at least in their current form) Wenlock and Mandeville feel very generic, like they could be representing any one of the recent Beijing, Athens, Sydney or Atlanta Olympics.  They just aren’t very…British, despite the whole London-taxi-light-on-their-heads thing.

Although perhaps a tad OTT, the Union Jack makeovers that have appeared on the London 2012 website today are a bit of an improvement:

update 13/02/2012 – it looks like LOCOG are making a big thing out of customising your own Wenlock and Mandeville and interacting with them (they even have an official song…).  But on the upside, this is a sweet little animation.

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