and the winner is…um…hang on…

via BBC News

So, we had a general election in the UK yesterday, when the public decided that they couldn’t actually agree who should run the country.  Its now nearly 24 hours since the polls closed and we still don’t know who’s now in charge.  My friend Liz had this to say about it on facebook:

Liz reckons someone should find half an hour and a biro to jot down a constitution…

…how many people voted yesterday – 40 million?? Ish?? And now it’s all down to 3 egomaniacs in a political love triangle, each with a hugely subjective and life-defining stake in the matter, to flirt with each other and throw dice in the air to sort it all out…?!?

From twitter, I bring you highlights of the genius that is Caitlin Moran and India Knight:

The hung parliament: Con-Dem Nation.

How is Dimbleby STILL on telly? He started at 10pm last night. They must be wrapping him in a silver blanket and giving him glucose drinks.

Am broken. How are the telly people still functioning? They can’t all be giant cokeheads.

This election’s crippling me. As everything’s uncertain, the paper really needs people who can toss on at length about sod all *types madly*.

Still awake. Can’t they settle it with a game of Fives or something?
Though I suppose it’s more like Sardines.

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