The other side of the fence

After a few, shall we say, challenging emails from one of my clients over the last couple of days, it would be very easy for me to write a ranting post about how the ideal client would actually read and action contact reports, make decisions rather than simply forwarding emails and have at least some kind of vague idea of what their brand stood for and how it should behave.

But then I thought it might be more interesting to get some feedback from the other side of the fence.  Any clients (or ex client types) reading this – how would your ideal agency behave?  What are the Seven Deadly Sins of Agencies?  Can’t wait to read your comments!


cartoon by Tom Fishburne

One thought on “The other side of the fence

  1. Hello? Anyone? No?


    This is officially a blog Not Read By Clients (or maybe they’re all just lurking but not commenting). Whatever, l’ll feel much better in future about ranting away :-)

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