*my* fantasy agency

Ben over at IFIABTWC has been writing about his Fantasy Agency (which he says would be called Pavement).  I’m definitely with him on:

The office shuts at 6. You can work afterwards if you really want to, but that’s up to you. No one wants to stop you working hard but Pavement does not want you to feel compelled to endure a life of pointless presenteeism.

Ben’s writing from a creative point of view, so I thought I’d throw in my own Fantasy Agency List:

Agency policies to include:
– open plan is fine; packing desks in so tightly that you can’t walk between them is not
– helpfulness and tidiness are next to godliness – and more importantly, form part of your appraisal
– go to the pub after work if you like, but its not compulsory and you won’t be penalised for failing to turn up
– as Ben wrote, ‘If you need help, help will be provided’; equally if you are perfectly capable of cracking on with something you will be left alone to do so

Specifically regarding pitching:
– only for clients where the chief decision maker resides in the UK
– whose company is solvent
– and whose head office is less than four hours travelling time from the agency (three if driving)
– and have a more than adequate and confirmed marketing budget for the next 12 months
– where four or less agencies are pitching creative and/or strategy
– and a date for a final pitch decision is set in stone
– no sub-prime finance, gambling, fags or really boring b2b clients

2 thoughts on “*my* fantasy agency

  1. I dunno bout tidyness, a bit of creative artistic licence adds a lot to an agency.

    Agree on the pub providing you show up at least once every 6 months.

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