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Planner Survey 2010 – we’ll have yet more charts & graphs to back us up

Thanks to Heather, its time for the Planner Survey 2010. You can fill in the Qs here.

Planning is still all about the conversation

Northern Planner Andrew wrote last week about why a digitally flavoured agency needs planning. Which prompted me to comment on his post that I had a post of my own chuntering about in my head about how the maturation of Digital might have created a bit of a conflict between Account Planning and Channel Planning. […]
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suits you, now see if the shoe fits

I was in Leeds city centre today and looking in menswear retailer Burton’s window I noticed that they were offering ‘free shoes, shirt and tie with selected suits’, as per the web offer below: This is dead interesting (honest!).  Burton must know that the majority of their suit customers do not already own a suit […]
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File as if you’re about to get run over by a bus

this Russian guy had a lucky escape last year when the brakes failed on a parked bus and it accelerated down a hill towards him (story & film @ The Telegraph) For a Planner, I’m probably a bit too organised.  Which means I occasionally get lumbered covering client meetings for absent account directors or sorting travel logistics. […]
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If you lead a full and varied life you need a yogurt with a difference

Sarah Haskins’ best known rant (terrible quality picture, sorry but its the only version on youtube) focuses on yogurt generally and Activia in particular:   Today I found a new offender in yogurt category communications, this time from the UK, courtesy of Muller Vitality and Joanna Lumley, which points out that if you lead a […]
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female friendly brands that miss the target

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about the brilliance of Sarah Haskins before.  Her Target Women slots for infomania point out just how ridiculous brand’s attempts to communicate with their female target audience can be – and she’s right with me on topics like Activia and attitudes towards beauty:   express yourself by paralysing facial muscles […]
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The twelve month marketing plan vs. real agency life

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on several campaigns where the objectives and/or the budgets shifted substantially between the insight and planning process and execution.  In some cases, we were communicating to a different audience, or with a different message, or with a quarter of the original budget. How can you build anticipating that […]
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be true to Brand You

Faris Yakob (off of TIGS) has written a great guest post about Brand You over at Gaping Void. Faris writes that you never know what you’re going to end up being famous for, but that you need to start being you – because Brand You is a highly defensible asset.  He suggests you take advice […]
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*my* fantasy agency

Ben over at IFIABTWC has been writing about his Fantasy Agency (which he says would be called Pavement).  I’m definitely with him on: The office shuts at 6. You can work afterwards if you really want to, but that’s up to you. No one wants to stop you working hard but Pavement does not want […]
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