Good week for M&S as they keep it real

It’s been a good week for M&S.  Their new telly ad seems to have gone down well, with loads of positive online buzz and the track featured (Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn) is inching its way up the itunes chart:

The casting of the latest batch of M&S Girls seems pretty spot on too.  Twiggy obviously stays on as National Treasure, then we have Dannii Minogue cast as Mum to Be, Lisa Snowdon as the Girl Next Door, Ana Beatriz Barros as Girl in Underwear and V V Brown covers off the ‘we’re really quite cool, honest’ factor.

On top of this, M&S have done a deal with Kellogg’s that will see not only Special K on shelf in the M&S food hall, but a Special K Red Dress (as seen on t’telly) on sale in store.

I love M&S for t-shirt type basics, but I do tend to shy away from their more stylish, stand out pieces (like the jacket on the right as modelled by Lisa Snowdon) because I know that I’m buying the same top as thousands of other women.  I might as well leave the M&S tag hanging off it.  How about putting some really limited edition stylish pieces in the Limited Collection?

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