Awesome Outdoor

There’s some lovely take-a-second-glance outdoor work around at the moment.

Orange – the current campaign is no big departure for them, but this particular execution really made me smile:

ITV’s Married Single Other – I really like how each character’s situation is played out visually (apologies for the lousy picture quality, was taken from a train):

Smart Brabus – I haven’t come across any of their innovative ‘squeeze into smaller spaces’ billboards seen below, but the bog standard 48s are great, demonstrating how each car can be unique by having lots of differently styled and coloured reflections hidden in the image:

and finally Sky Supertelly – because it’s just visually gorgeous (I’m not guaranteeing this is the actual 48 sheet, but it’s the nearest I could find to it online):

2 thoughts on “Awesome Outdoor

  1. I really like the Smart ad but it took me ages to be able to see it as the detail is quite small.

    Not overly keen on the Sky ad but I love the idea of Supertelly.

  2. I had the same reaction when I saw the Orange awesomeasaurus billboard. I’d had a testing tube journey to work, go into a rammed lift, and on the wall across was this eye-catching billboard which instantly made me smile. Job done!

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