3 thoughts on “Did you plan to be a Planner?

  1. Thanks for the SupNorth link!

    I always wanted to be in advertising without really knowing what that entailed. Uni didn’t really give much guidance so I went out there and just applied for every grad job I could find (acc man).

    At my second interview I spoke to a planner who said I should look into it as a career. I did, and from there I started my blog, kept applying and eventually got there.

  2. I’m 24 and I ended up being a planner by… accident. Before entering an advertising agency, I didn’t even know that job existed. I studied social psychology and during the last year we had to choose a place to do an internship. I chose an advertising agency because I wanted to know more about consumer pshycholoy. During the interview, they asked me if I knew what I was going to do during the internship as a planner. I said I didn’t have any idea. And here I am. After the internship, I was sure about what I wanted to do for a job and I’m actually a planner.

  3. Hi, I’m Tara, 23 years old. I’m just started my career as a planner by you know “accident”, I was so desperate wanting to work on TV until someday friend of mine recommended to apply for a job in advertising agency –called strategic planner.

    It’s been a year, I work here. I love my job because I have a lot of chances to meet other people, translate the insights into thoughts and idea. Although, I’m still learning by doing as a planner :)

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