Suits you, sir

I was very pleased to read today that ‘looking good in a suit’ is officially the 17th most important thing UK women find irresistible about men.  Pleased but not surprised because (full disclosure time), my agency’s PR team commissioned the research (omnibus of 4,000 people I think) for a client and before I was off sick I nominated ‘looking good in a suit’ as MY irresistibility factor.

I might have been two years early in proclaiming the return of formal dressing.  But as I said at the time, there are very few men who don’t look better (and sexier) in a really well cut and well fitting suit. Sadly though, very few men seem to know what a really well cut and well fitting suit is…

If you want to see what a really good suit looks like, check out these shots from Esquire of injured servicemen Lieutenant Alex Horsfall and Second Lieutenant James Amoore sporting made to measure suits, courtesy of Savile Row. (sources here and here):

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