In other news, TLC actually IS all around

Shortly after Christmas,  Martine McCutcheon started popping up in the ad breaks on behalf of Activia, a rather disappointing tasting yoghurt of weird consistency (I’ve tried it) that apparently aims to ‘reduce digestive discomfort’, thus stopping you feeling bloated.

Martine would like us all to make a fresh start to 2010 and give ourselves some Tummy Loving Care (see what they did there?).

The agency (Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R) must have been rather pleased that ITV2 decided to screen Love Actually on New Year’s Eve as judging by their wardrobe choices for the ad, they hired Martine’s character Natalie-off-of-the-film, rather than Martine:

film on the left, ad on the right

Having found a few ‘behind the scenes’ Activia videos on the web, it looks like we can expect more TLC advice from Martine/Natalie in the weeks to come…

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