Snow need to panic

If nothing else, this country is good at adversity.  We know exactly what to do – PANIC!

Admittedly, its rather cold and snowy at the moment (snowfall on 20 out of the last 23 days round here and minus 10 last night). But we Brits really know how to make a drama out of a crisis.

Yesterday, my local Co-op (a largeish convenience store) sold out of bread and eggs, the government is rationing salt for gritting and thousands of schools are still shut.  To illustrate the media’s approach to the whole subject, I give you:

(Via ITIABTWC . I had a rethink and put a more child friendly / suitable for work version up, but the origional is here)

But there are some rather sweet side effects to all this extreme weather; the local Chinese takeaway have built a chef style snowman outside their front door, BJL and Cheetham Bell JWT had a snowball fight and today at work there was a long row of wellies neatly lined up by the back door, waiting for the journey home.

As for work?  Well most client meetings have been cancelled, the office is freezing and we don’t really feel like the Christmas break has ended properly so it’s not exactly Productivity Central, but we’re going to keep trying to get in every morning, through sheer bloody mindedness if nothing else.

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